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Independent/Community Living Skills


Independent / Community Living Skills ILS

Independent Living Skills (ILS) / Semi-Independent Living Services (SILS) / Individual Community Living Support (ICLS) :

is a direct training provided by a staff person to assess the development skills of a person in the areas of communication, community living and mobility, interpersonal skills, and in-home skills, such as cooking, doing laundry, learning how to deposit money by going to the bank or ATM, using the bus system, etc.

Semi-Independent Living Services

Help and support our clients to allow them to achieve their personally-desired outcomes and lead self-directed lives, which include training and assistance. We let them engage in activities for them to better live in the community, exercise social, recreation, and transportation skills, including appropriate social behavior, money management, meal preparation, grocery shopping, and the use of phone and other utilities. 

Individual Community Living Support (ICLS)

Includes services categorized into six: Active Cognitive Support (ACS); Adaptive Support Service (ASS); Activities of Daily Living (ADL); Household Management (HM); Health Safety and Wellness (HSW); and Community Engagement (CE).